Our approach to the services we provide is to bring curiosity, understanding, and a community focus to a project before providing expertise, and recommendations that are tailored to your needs and visions.

Signal Systems and Operations

There is room for improvement in almost every signal system.  We can help.   

We offer expertise in system upgrades, controller conversions, development of central operations centers, detection improvements, and integration of all modes including bicycles, pedestrians, and transit into signal systems. 

Whether a spot improvement or system wide, upgrades can improve mobility in your area.

Roadway Safety and Vision Zero

Roadway safety matters.  It’s high time to focus on reducing the number and severity of crashes. 

Next Phase has extensive experience in urban and rural roadway safety programs including data collection and analysis, annual reports, safety evaluations and implementation of both low-cost improvement projects and successful pursuit of federal safety funding. 

We can apply the Highway Safety Manual to generate statistical safety analyses for a community, area or corridor, undertake safety audits and can provide expertise for development of a Vision Zero Action Plan including for vulnerable road users.   

Traffic Modeling and Analysis

Want support for capital projects or improved signal timing? 

We provide modeling and signal timing for single intersections, city-wide time-of-day coordinated patterns, special events, and implementation and management of both traffic responsive and adaptive systems.  

We also provide services for municipal capital improvement projects to identify geometrics, safety improvements and integration of all modes of travel. 

Transportation Metrics

Got Bluetooth or WiFi travel data?  Let’s put it to use!

This service involves the implementation of data-based evaluation of mobility and its use as a metric or performance measure.  We can set up data collection systems and develop data mining processes for everything from community information to the integration of travel time data into signal systems for traffic responsive control.  

Transportation Planning

Good planning should strive for the sweet spot considering vision, feasibility, and responsible innovation.

We are experienced in all levels of planning efforts including Transportation Master Plans, subarea/corridor plans, access control plans, special events, and circulation studies.  We have a strong understanding of how to integrate all travel modes into the transportation system in a safe and effective manner to create truly functional complete streets.

These efforts reflect innovation which utilizes current thinking and best management practices coupled with a deep sense of responsibility for safety.   

Transportation Policies

Policies and standards save time, can advance a vision, and create a baseline of consistency and standard of care.   

We offer development of transportation policies and standards such as signal operations, signs and markings, bicycle facilities, and pedestrian crossing guidelines.  We can create agency specific traffic engineering standards or policy refinements such as Adequate Public Facilities. 

These efforts reflect innovation which utilizes current thinking and best management practices coupled with a deep sense of responsibility for safety.   

Traffic Impact Studies

Community growth is often contentious and worrisome.  Applicants, residents, staff, and decision makers deserve sound analysis, technical expertise, excellent communication of complicated issues and good guidance. 

Next Phase provides services for both public agencies (in a reviewing capacity) or private developments for development projects of all sizes from data collection through final report and hearings. 

Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation

Concerns about speeding on local roads and cut through traffic are often about neighborhood livability. 

We offer services to develop community-based programs to support livability and safety in neighborhoods and near schools.  This includes program development, standards and evaluation, consensus building, and implementation of programmatic, educational, and physical options.   

Traffic Related Training

Let’s share the knowledge and grow the next generation of traffic-knowledgeable engineers.

Traffic engineering is a technical field not generally taught in typical civil engineering curriculums.  Next Phase staff can provide training classes, webinars, and project specific support for anyone wanting to learn more about traffic engineering or interested in developing skills for doing the work themselves.