About Us 

Next Phase Engineering is a small traffic engineering consulting firm (certified as a DBE, SBE, and M/WBE).  The principals are highly experienced local traffic engineers with decades of knowledge in public sector traffic engineering.

We specialize in work for public agencies and offer the following technical skills:

  • All types of traffic signal timing and operations, including adaptive and traffic responsive timing development and implementation.
  • Signal operations with central signal systems such as Centracs, ATMS.Now, and ATSPM platforms.
  • Roadway safety evaluations.  Analysis based on the Highway Safety Manual and CDOT safety methodologies, development of roadway safety action plans, crash data management, annual reviews, and safety audits.
  • Traffic and transportation policies, practices, and guidelines.
  • Multi-modal priorities at signalized intersections.
  • Traffic modeling and warrant studies.
  • Signal design.
  • Access Control Plans.
  • Implementation of emerging traffic technologies including travel time systems and connected vehicles.
  • Development review support for public agencies, and
  • Staff training.

Next Phase is known for responsive service and understanding the needs of public sector traffic staff.  We  bring seasoned judgement, innovation coupled with responsibility, excellent communication skills to your project, and employ common sense that results in feasible, successful solutions.


Typical Clients:

Cities and Towns


State Department of Transportation

Educational Organizations

Planning Agencies

Transit Providers

Safety Groups

Design Engineering Consultants

Transportation Industry and Research


“I can say with certainty that they are two of the most talented traffic engineers in the business.”    

Mark Jackson

City of Loveland Public Works Director