About Us 

Next Phase Engineering is a small traffic engineering consulting firm focused on providing extraordinary service.  We have worked in both the public and private sector and are attuned to our clients, and sensitive to their needs.

Our goal is to make a difference for our customers and communities.  We do this through a unique combination of the following:

  • Understanding that it’s not about us, it’s about you! Having worked in the public sector for decades, we get it.  Sometimes you may need expertise; other times you may need bandwidth to get something done.  Sometimes help in navigating a ‘sticky’ project.  We know projects don’t start or end with the consultant’s report.  Let us know what you need – we’ll plug in there.
  • Technical expertise gained over a combined ½ century of working in the traffic engineering field.  National standards, data driven, the latest research and ideas/trends, analysis, and tried and true techniques are all in the toolbox.
  • Understanding both political and public challenges that may be present and how those can be navigated throughout a project.
  • Comprehensive knowledge. We have top to bottom know-how from policies, programs and design to pavement markings and signal controller programming.  We provide clients with options considering cost, feasibility, safety, anticipated outcomes, pros/cons, maintenance needs and ultimately information you can trust.
  • Sound judgement and common sense.

Success for us is NOT about personal advocacy, or great marketing photos of completed projects.  Success for us is about helping people – supporting clients in their needs and enhancing transportation safety and mobility for all.  Next Phase is DBE certified in Colorado and is prequalified for work with the Colorado Department of Transportation.


Typical Clients:

Local towns / municipalities


State Departments of Transportation

Educational Organizations

Planning Agencies

Transit Providers

Safety Groups

Design Engineering Consultants

Transportation Industry and Research

Private Development